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White Moss Vegetable Soap (Small and Large (new!))

Acca Kappa White Moss Vegetable Soap - 5.3 oz

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All natural vegetable based White Moss soap gently cleanses and moisturizes. Acca Kappa soaps arouse our imagination through their intense yet delicate aromas, leading us on a wonderful olfactory journey. Specially formulated to be kind to all skins, including the most sensitive, they gently and delicately pamper skin with a soft, cleansing lather.

Acca Kappa's exclusive White Moss fragrance evokes warm and sensual notes of wood, amber and moss. This fresh, clean scent is derived from two Mediterranean plants: Lavender, with its marvelous blossom and delicate perfume, known since ancient times for its relaxing and soothing qualities; and Juniper, with its fragrant wood and balsamic berries.

Lather up on damp skin and enjoy!

5.3 oz - Made in Italy -



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