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White Moss Hand Soap by Acca Kappa

White Moss Hand Soap by Acca Kappa

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Delicate and moisturizing hand wash formulated with the hydrating coconut oil and sugarcane. Other soothing ingredients include vegetal extracts such as lemon-balm, istletoe, chamomile, milfoil and hops. Enriched with allantoin of vegetal origin, a healing and incredible ingredient to help improve cell renewal. Recommended for irritated and chapped hands.

ACCA KAPPA'S exclusive White Moss fragrance evokes warm and sensual notes of wood, amber and moss. This fresh, clean scent is derived from two Mediterranean plants: Lavender, with its marvelous blossom and delicate perfume, known since ancient times for its relaxing and soothing qualities; and Juniper, with its fragrant wood and balsamic berries.



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