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Thermo-Natura Stilying Brush for Frizzy and Dry Hair (2.4

Acca Kappa Thermo-Natura Stilying Brush for Frizzy and Dry Hair (2.4")

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Brush specially designed for curly or frizzy, coloured or treated hair. The particular, rather insubstantial and uneven structure of curly and frizzy hair often leads to dehydration, making it dull and rough. Other hair types can also become dehydrated, dull and weak if overly subjected to chemical treatments (perms, colour, bleaching). Strong heat (powerful hairdryers or hair irons) can cause irreversible damage by breaking up the molecular structure of the hair. The use of a normal thermic brush, with nylon filaments, can cause serious damage by drawing moisture from hair which is already extremely dehydrated. Thanks to the natural bristles and the Majolica barrel, the THERMO-NATURA brush promotes healthy, hydrated hair, naturally soft and shiny.



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