New You by You

With the New Year many of us are thinking of resolutions and setting new goals...but sometimes we just overdo it and enter a path of discomfort because our goals feel too hard to reach or simply give up because the list is too long or unrealistic.

This year only one goal can get you far, really far: self-care

Self-care are behaviors that refresh you, replenish your personal motivation, help you grow as a person and overall make you a happier individual. Connecting, accepting and caring for your present "self" is sometimes difficult but understanding that the past is gone and the future is not even here helps us connect with the inner part that is craving for attention.

Taking care of you NOW (not when you loose weight or get a promotion) will allow the rest to start flowing and things will start happening again organically.\The happier, healthier you will have more energy for new challenges, and you will enjoy love and life more.

Self-care must be practiced DAILY.  It could be as involved as a day spa or as easy as applying essential oils when it matters the most, drinking water, taking a walk or take a 2 minute meditation.  Every day you must remind your body that you love it!

Here are some ideas of how to practice self-care:

  • Clean eating
  • Going to bed earlier
  • Exercise (walking, riding, yoga, biking, jogging)
  • Keeping positive relationships in your life
  • Taking a bath
  • Connecting with loved ones and friends often
  • Practicing a hobby (art, dancing, reading, journaling, scrap books, gardening)
  • Home Spa treatments such as facials, baths, body scrubs, brushing are my favorites! Make sure to do them when you have enough time to enjoy the complete spa experience: the candles, the fragrances, the robes, the lotions and oils, the music.  Go above and beyond for yourself!
  • Spirituality & Meditation
I would love to hear some ways you take care of yourself.  I started 14 days ago and feel great already!


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